2nd March 2020

You may or may not know that the whole reason why I started this blog was because I was feeling very lost and confused about my place in the creative industry. I had finished my honours degree in late 2018 and after what was a very long, and exhausting year, I decided to take some time off before applying for jobs. When the time came to apply for positions, it was early 2019 and junior roles were scarce.

Being one year out, I feel that while at university there is very little ‘real talk’ about what the industry is like post graduation; the lack of jobs or opportunities, even the number of students graduating. It’s becoming harder for graduates to get their foot in the door because there is significant amount more of graduates than available roles. A graduate could have a great portfolio and a resume full of achievements or experience, but it doesn’t guarantee them a job.

My first year out was a challenge, and unless you have been in the same situation, you really don’t understand how disheartening it can be. During that year, I was tossing around the idea in my head that I should document my experience as a way to show other young creatives that a lot of graduates will have the same experience as me, and that it is ok and very normal. So I decided to make this blog. A platform where I hope to challenge what ‘successful’ means in our industry, showcase a range of interesting new creators and already established ones.

This is raw insight into the life of a graduate trying to get a job. Names of studios have been redacted.
Positions applied to in one week
  1. branding studio (1 of 3)
  2. packaging studio (1 of 2)
  3. packaging studio (2 of 2)
  4. branding studio (2 of 3)
  5. branding studio (3 of 3)

One of the five studios reached out for an interview.

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