Probation’s Purpose

Probation is an independent blog, written and designed by me, Olivia. I’m a young graphic designer from Sydney, Australia, and like many of us, I have struggled to find my place in the design industry. I decided to create this blog as I wanted a public platform to showcase young creators who do interesting things, in the hopes that anyone else who is feeling lost can become inspired and see ‘success’ from multiple points of view.

Whilst I showcase young talent, I also see the importance of picking an established creatives brain. I hope to talk at lengths to different creatives about their journey thus far, discussing all of the hard points along the way and how they over came them. I will also give an honest recount into my own struggle that I have had to find a junior role, and the many internal battles I have with myself over how I define ‘success’ and how I see myself being ‘successful’.

Probation is designed to be a fun and encouraging platform so please go follow all of the creative people you see on here, and leave them some kind words. If you would like to get involved, or know the perfect person to be featured I would love to here from you. Please email me or DM me on my socials, I’m beyond thrilled to have you on this journey with me.
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