23rd March 2020

At the moment, COVID-19 has taken over everyone’s news feeds causing much anxiety and uncertainty. During this time, we have seen many creatives band together to try and spread just a little bit of positivity. Whether in the form of instagram templates for individuals to share their favourite local stores, at home ‘live’ concerts from musicians or self isolation virtual art classes, creatives from all around the world are trying to build a new sense of community.

While many studios and companies across the country have chosen to work from home, I am unsure if I will have that luxury, or that (semi) stable income. In my last blog post, I was excited to be given the opportunity to freelance for a studio in Sydney. Today, I had to email them to find out if I still had a position to go to next week. My casual job that I still work is retail based. And while it is very much ‘business as usual’ for them, I can’t help but feel anxious every time I leave the house to go to work.  

It is challenging to be confined to a house all day, not just because you really want to go sit in a coffee shop and you can’t—but also because mentally, isolation can fuel negative thinking. I hope that Probation can be an outlet for any creative who needs a little pick me up or is looking for a sense of community during this time. Something my partner and I did recently was adopt a cute furry friend to keep us company during this unusual time. If you can bare the extra expense, adopting or fostering (even donating) can help take the pressure off local shelters who also are affected by this virus. 

It is incredibly important during this time, that we keep supporting all of the different makers and creatives that surround us. If you can afford to buy a print then please do so. Or, you can leave a love note on a creative who inspires you page or simply give them a shot out on your social media accounts, any action, big or small can boost somebodies moral.

Stay safe and happy fam.

UPDATE: The studio has gotten back to me and understandably needs to delay my starting date due to the uncertainty the future holds. Completely understandable and out of their control, but also heart breaking.

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